Solo Ads Advertising Tips

The Truth About Solo Ads Testimonials

Before buying a solo ad, we all want to make sure that we get the best bang for the buck, don’t we? How do we do that? One of the possible ways is to find out how happy other buyers were with their purchase. That’s why even the junior marketers know that testimonials help their […]


Are Small Ezines Worthless for Solo Ads Advertising?

Solo ads advertising is a complex process and it’s influenced by many factors. If you don’t take into consideration the effects of as many variables as possible, then some of your conclusions may be wrong. Recently I had a conversation with the owner of a directory of ezines. I was puzzled when I found out […]


Assessing a Solo Ads Offer – Case Study

A few hours ago, my Facebook friend Neil Ashworth has pointed to me some solo ads questions posted by Glenn B. on the wall of the group Internet Marketing Super Friends. I’m not a member of that group and anyway by reading the questions I quickly understood that the length of a proper answer is […]


10 Reasons Why I Won’t Click on Some Solo Ads Links

A couple of weeks ago I revealed 15 reasons why I won’t open some solo ads. What’s the next logical step? If the subject line is OK and I open the email, let’s see some of the reasons that can make me delete the solo ad without taking the action the email marketer expects. Why […]


15 Reasons Why I Won’t Open Some Solo Ads

Whether we’re talking about solo ads or anything else, you name it, most of the times there’s nothing dramatic in making mistakes. We all make mistakes. However, the difference between a loser and a winner is that the latter learns from mistakes and takes action to correct them. Since learning from other advertisers’ mistakes will […]


Different Types of Solo Ads, Different Approaches

Recently, while being on GooglePlus, I was discussing with a nice lady different things about solo ads. She suddenly asked me for the link to the page where I sell solo ads. Guess what? I somehow suggested not buying solo ads from me. I bet she was quite confused and you’re too… What kind of […]


Targeted Solo Ads: Do You Really Know What They Are?

Most of the advertisers learned that targeted advertising – as opposed to untargeted advertising – is something good and it increases their chances to get a good result. However I noticed email marketers looking for targeted solo ads without actually understanding what this concept means. They wrongly believe that targeted solo ads are the solo […]


How Do You Know That Your Solo Ad Has Been Published?

A few days ago, while reading a solo ads blog post by Gareth Morgan I noticed the following question: “But I will question whether certain providers even bother sending the ads at all. After all, how do we truly know if they do?” Good question. Let’s see how and if you can check whether your […]


How to Use Solo Ads to Make a Small Fortune

Newsletter advertising has been getting a bad rap lately. Around every corner you can find someone complaining about how it doesn’t work. But when you ask them if they’ve tried it, most say no. The others who have, had NO idea what they were doing. Today we’re going to talk about exactly what kind of […]


Email Solo Ads – 5 Steps to Get a Massive Influx of Traffic

One of the most powerful ways to get a massive influx of traffic is to buy email solo ads. What are they? Solo mailings dedicated to your offer, that you purchase from marketers or companies who have email lists of subscribers. As your offer will be the only one that is featured in the email, […]