Different Types of Solo Ads, Different Approaches

Recently, while being on GooglePlus, I was discussing with a nice lady different things about solo ads. She suddenly asked me for the link to the page where I sell solo ads. Guess what?

Choice vs Chance

I somehow suggested not buying solo ads from me. I bet she was quite confused and you’re too… What kind of seller suggests not buying his stuff?

Was she a trouble maker who doesn’t even know what a solo ad is and was I trying to avoid further troubles? No way, she is an internet marketer and more than 6 months ago she started selling solo ads with guaranteed clicks. I can assume that she has some experience in that solo ads sub-niche, right? Then… my attitude is quite a mystery, isn’t it? (more…)

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Targeted vs Semi-Targeted vs Untargeted vs Dumb Advertising

Targeted Solo Ads: Do You Really Know What They Are?

Targeted vs Semi-Targeted vs Untargeted vs Dumb Advertising

Most of the advertisers learned that targeted advertising – as opposed to untargeted advertising – is something good and it increases their chances to get a good result.

However I noticed email marketers looking for targeted solo ads without actually understanding what this concept means.

They wrongly believe that targeted solo ads are the solo ads slots offered by a vendor who posts an offer mentioning “Targeted Solo Ads”. That’s misleading advertising from vendor’s part…

But let’s take it easy and let me show you some examples that can make you understand the concept. (more…)

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Massive Traffic

Email Solo Ads: 5 Steps to Get a Massive Influx of Traffic

Drive Massive Traffic with Solo Ads

One of the most powerful ways to get a massive influx of traffic is to buy email solo ads.

What are they? Solo mailings dedicated to your offer, that you purchase from marketers or companies who have email lists of subscribers. As your offer will be the only one that is featured in the email, your response rate will be much higher than if there were other offers to distract the reader. That is why buying email solo ads can be very lucrative. (more…)

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