Nothing in Life is Risk Free

Are Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks Really Risk Free?

Nothing in Life is Risk Free

Advertising with solo ads involves some risks and that’s why in order to maximize your return on investment, one of your first steps must be the assessment of the potential risks.

Once you have clearly identified them, you can manage your advertising campaign so as to reduce or even eliminate the risks.

Today we’ll focus on a type of solo ads advertising that is believed to be quite riskless: the solo ads with guaranteed clicks. Is this type of advertising really risk free? Let’s see the truth…

[The internet is a jungle and there are scammers in each niche. Almost everyone is aware of that and I won’t discuss the risk of buying from a scammer. This risk is very common and is not specific only to our topic.]

Back on track … In this niche the sellers usually have the same Terms of Service: you must give away a freebie in exchange for people subscribing to your newsletter. What is different from seller to seller is the person who provides the ad copy…

Case 1: The solo ads seller accepts the ad copy provided by you

Whether you know how to write an effective marketing message or not, the clicks are still guaranteed. So… there is no risk for you even if you are a newbie and you don’t know how to write an effective solo ad, right? Wrong!

You’ll get your clicks and maybe you’ll even get a decent number of subscribers. Good, but now that you have your own mailing list what’s the next step in recovering your investment and making a profit? Building a relationship with your new subscribers and eventually sending some… marketing messages. But…

If you don’t know how to write an effective message, the solo ad seller is not there anymore to guarantee you some results. It’s easy to annoy or bore someone, you know that, don’t you? And your messages will have an unsubscribe link, won’t they? If due to your lack of skills your prospects don’t do anything or just unsubscribe… what is your real return on this “risk free” investment? ;-)

Conclusion for the 1st Case: If you’re like the advertiser described in this case, a classic solo ad (no guaranteed clicks) would be a much better solution for you.

Why? Because they are cheaper and in case of a failure you’ll lose less money! I know that it doesn’t sound very good anyway, but when you’re learning sometimes it’s better not to jump on “the best” tool. The best tools usually are the most expensive and your loss – if any – will be bigger. So actually they may not be the best for you.

Case 2: The solo ads seller writes the ad copy for you

When the seller has a very good relationship with his subscribers, the easiest way to do his job and deliver his promise (the guaranteed clicks) is to send a generic marketing message to his readers.

It’s like when you write to your friends something like “Hey, buddies, check this cool freebie!” Your friends don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about but most of them will check it because it was you – their friend – who sent that message. Will your friends like or need what you recommended? You don’t know, unless they are your very best friends. Even if something is free it doesn’t mean that everyone needs it or wants it.

Almost the same is in solo ads seller’s case. The difference is that the marketing message was sent to thousands of persons and the sender for sure doesn’t know very well what all those people like. You’ll get your guaranteed number of clicks on your link but… None of the people who clicked on your link knew what to expect on the landing page and whether your offer is interesting or not to them.

To understand why the situation is not that good, let me ask you a simple question… If you pay for – let’s say – 200 clicks, what kind of visitors to your landing page will you prefer to get? 200 prospects who don’t know what you offer on your landing page and may or may not like your freebie? Or 200 prospects who clicked on your link because your offer was revealed in the solo ad and they considered it interesting?

Conclusion for the 2nd Case: If the seller writes the ad copy for you, ask him before paying what kind of advertisement he will write. If it’s gonna be a generic solo ad and the niche of his newsletter doesn’t perfectly match the niche of your freebie, look for another seller!

Speaking about matching the niches (and even sub-niches!), pay attention when you assess the match. For example a solo ads ebook is not a perfect match for a newsletter like Internet Marketing Tips & News. Some internet marketers aren’t interested in solo ads advertising… But the ebook from my example is a perfect match for a newsletter like “Solo Ads Tips.”

To your success!
Adrian Jock

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  1. One of the reasons why I like this website so much is because I never leave feeling like I’ve been “had”. I wish other Internet Marketers would be as transparent as your posts Adrian.

    Ezine/Solo Advertising is a great way to build a list and to my advantage many Internet Marketers use this great traffic source the wrong way. I’m glad they don’t know how to use it because that leaves the field wide open for me.

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