Udimi Solo Ads Solutions

Udimi’s Solutions for Solo Ad Buyers’ Worries

Udimi Solo Ads Solutions

Udimi Solo Ad Network is a free membership site where you can buy or sell email solo ad traffic (i.e. solo ads with guaranteed clicks).

Besides the obvious advantage of having at your disposal in one place a full range of solo ad vendors and buyers, Udimi platform is way much more than a solo ad directory.

If you’ve ever bought solo ad traffic, I guess you know the most common problems…

Non-delivery, partial delivery or late delivery, fake or low quality traffic.

Let’s see how Udimi addresses all these issues…

Review Ratings and Comments From Other Solo Ad Buyers

Almost all solo ad vendors post positive solo ad testimonials on their site. Usually they are worthless pieces of information displayed only for the reason of making you feel safe. But you don’t actually know how happy the past buyers were, or what kind of results these buyers got.

Udimi shows you all the orders a seller got, whether the clicks were delivered or not, buyers’ comments and ratings, and more.

The sellers who got negative comments cannot hide them from other buyers. Example of such a negative comment:

Udimi: Example of a negative comment received by a solo ads vendor

You can see who posted the negative review (Trevor Beck in the example above) and check his profile that includes ratings received from sellers or buyers. In addition, if you click the link related to that order (the link “110 out of 100 clicks”) you can even see details about each and every click.

Udimi’s Click Fraud Detection System

The quality of the traffic is usually the main cause that generates arguments between solo ad buyers and sellers.

In order to prevent such arguments, Udimi has developed a click fraud detection system that monitorizes each order, filters certain types of useless clicks and then doesn’t count them as delivered clicks that buyers should pay for.

Example of useless traffic filtered by Udimi

Examples of traffic that is automatically filtered:

– bot traffic
– traffic exchange traffic
– duplicate clicks from the same person
– “three seconds” visitors
– click ring traffic (people clicking each other’s links)
– anonymous proxy traffic.

Udimi’s List Validator

Udimi’s “List Checker” is a tool that allows you to verify the quality of any email address.

You can check all opt-ins you got from solo mailings or even your entire list. Since many email marketing services charge you based on your list size, you can save money by removing bad, fake and disposable addresses.

The cost per verified email is $0.02 with up to 50% discount for large lists. All users get 100 free checks.

Solo Ad Vendors Get Paid After the Delivery of the Clicks

No, the buyers don’t pay after delivery. In such a case, the buyers may get the clicks and run away without paying. That would be a major disadvantage to the sellers.

In order to create a win-win case, here’s Udimi’s procedure: the buyers pay in advance the price of the clicks, but the money is kept by Udimi until the sellers do their job.

If the seller doesn’t deliver all the clicks that were ordered, the buyer can get a refund for the undelivered clicks without contacting the seller or Udimi support. To get such a refund, all the buyer has to to is to click the button “Refund undelivered” from the Solos manager.

Additional protection: New sellers cannot withdraw any funds until they reach minimum ten positive ratings from buyers.

Udimi Solo Ad Marketplace – Conclusions

Udimi has prevented most of the issues that may appear when buying solo ads with guaranteed clicks. However, it’s not the perfect system. There isn’t such a thing.

If you still have problems, you can always post on their forum, contact the seller via Udimi in-house messaging system, or submit a complaint ticket to Udimi.

Since the membership is free, there’s no reason not to try it. Get a free account now:

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks

To your solo ads success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Join Udimi using the link above and you’ll get a $5 discount code that you can use when buying your first solo ad. The code will be displayed on the home page of your newly created Udimi account.