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Solo Ads Resources

Summary (Quick Links)

1. Solo Ads eBooks and Video Courses
2. Solo Ads Sellers
3. Solo Ads Copywriting
4. Other Solo Ads Resources

Solo Ads eBooks and Video Courses

A. Solo Ads eBooks

Grey Bullet Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads

Comprehensive guide on solo ads advertising. Copywriting tips, how to avoid spam filters tips and way much more.

Grey Bullet Solo Ads: 150 Money Making Niche Headlines

A collection of 150 headlines that can be used in your solo ads promoting money making niche opportunities (MMO/ Biz opps).

Grey Bullet Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter

A “how-to” report, not a “this newsletter is the best because I say so” report. Includes the step-by-step process of assessing the newsletters taking into consideration both the quality of the content and the technical stuff.

B. Solo Ads Video Courses

Grey Bullet Solo Ad Profit System

You’ll learn all the steps to build your online business and become a solo ads seller. Bonuses: over 100 ebooks to give away and build your list, pre-written emails to send to your subscribers, plus author’s promise that once you’re able to deliver 50 clicks he will become your first customer.

Update Aug 2018: the course isn’t available anymore.

Solo Ads Sellers – with or without guaranteed clicks

A. Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks Sellers

Grey Bullet Udimi

Free to join membership site where you can buy or sell solo ads. Udimi’s system helps the buyers by automatically analyzing the traffic and removing suspicious clicks from the click count.

Examples of traffic Udimi doesn’t count (and therefore you don’t pay for): non-email traffic, search engine spiders, bot traffic, anonymous proxy traffic, duplicate clicks from the same recipient, clicks from a person who spent less than 3 seconds on your site.

Bonus for our visitors: join Udimi using the link above and you’ll get a $5 discount code that you can use when buying your first solo ad. The code will be displayed on the home page of your account.

Grey Bullet Safe Swaps

Free to join membership site where you can buy, sell, and swap solo ads. Over 130,000 members.

B. Classic Ezine Solo Ads Sellers (no clicks guaranteed)

Grey Bullet Charlie’s Directory of Ezines (DOE)

The directory includes a large selections of ezine solo ad sellers, but in order to browse it you have to pay for the membership (one-time fee). Some sellers offer a DOE member only discount.

Solo Ads Copywriting

Grey Bullet Adrian Jock’s Copywriting Service

Adrian is the founder of AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network and the author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series.

The service includes an anti-spam filter test, in order to make sure your new solo ad doesn’t flag the spam filters.

Other Solo Ads Resources

Grey Bullet All About Solo Ads: Google+ community. Solo ads tips, offers, reviews and more.

Grey Bullet Ad Trackers List: Major ad trackers reviews. Make sure that you use an ad tracker every time you buy a solo ad. Otherwise you’re a blind advertiser ;-)