How Prospects See List Building with Solo Ads

List Building with Solo Ads as Seen by a Potential Subscriber

How Prospects See List Building with Solo Ads

If you’re an internet marketer and you’re not a solo ads newbie, then you know how to get the most out of your solo ads: you’ll never sell anything in your ads but build a mailing list.

However, if you don’t place yourself in your customer’s shoes (the customer being the potential subscriber in this case), you may miss minor things that can have major influences on your marketing process.

Most of the marketers know this principle, but how many of them really apply it? Let’s do it now together, but honestly, without hiding facts…

So… forget for the moment that you want to build your list with solo ads and be a consumer – a regular person who uses the internet, subscribes to some newsletters from time to time, has an offline and/or online job, has kids maybe, worries, a real offline life and so on and so forth.

OK? Now you’re in front of your computer and read your emails… Suddenly you get a solo advert where it’s featured an offer for a free ebook in exchange of subscribing to someone’s newsletter. What will you do? It depends on many things, right? Let’s see…

Case 1: You’ve just got a solo ad in your Inbox, but you’re busy

If you’re too busy, if you’re tired, if you’re angry, if you’re hungry, etc, maybe you’ll delete the email and decide to solve YOUR problem (not solo ads advertiser’s problem!) Or maybe you will save that email for later.

Most of the times… that “later” will never come. Life must go on: each time more and more things have to be done, new problems appear in your life, emails keep landing in your Inbox.

You’ll forget about that solo ad and in the end you’ll delete it to free some space. After all who cares about that email? Maybe the sender. But that’s not your problem, you have your own problems, don’t you?

Case 2: You’ve got a solo ad and you’re in a good mood

If you’re in a good mood, everything is OK and you read that freebie offer… what will you do?

Sub-case 2.1) If you’re not interested in the topic of that free ebook… there is no doubt that you’ll delete the solo ad, irrespective of i) who sent the email, of ii) who promoted that offer, of iii) who wrote that book and irrespective of how great that book might be.

Sub-case 2.2) If that ebook sounds interesting… you will want it, won’t you? And… it’s a free ebook after all. If it’s not what you expect, you don’t lose anything. So … why not getting it? You’ll sign up and get the ebook you wanted.

Hey, my dear list builder, do you think that this is all? Nope, it isn’t! The introspection in potential subscriber’s psychology must go on … Let’s study better the last sub-case when the prospect wants the ebook…

Please be very focused and let me simply repeat the last idea: the prospect WANTED the ebook. The verb “to want” is the keyword here, right? But… pay attention: the prospect wanted the ebook, NOT the subscription to a newsletter. The subscription is the price to be paid, it’s not something the prospect actually wanted. Oops!…

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Now be a consumer again… When two things are connected but you want only one of them, what will you do? You’ll try to avoid the unwanted one, won’t you? How can you do it in our case? Sign up using a fake email address and hope that next page includes the link to the wanted ebook!

[Hey, dear list-builder, have you learned your lesson? The link to the freebie must be sent via email after the prospect confirms her/his subscription to your newsletter.]

What if the list-builder learned his lesson and the next page doesn’t include the link to the freebie? You, as a consumer, will need to pay the price and sign up using a working email address. But… there is a huge difference between a “subscriber” and a “reader”. Will you read that newsletter? You actually never wanted it, you wanted the ebook. Honestly, isn’t this the truth? What will YOU further do?

I wanted your freebie. I joined your list. Will I read your emails?

Let me tell you what I do when I’m the consumer who wants your free ebook (pay attention and learn your lessons!)… There are more cases:

1) If the landing page is quite empty and I don’t see any name there, I will not give you any chance to transform me from a subscriber into a reader. Not even one chance! And take very much care… I can even report your emails as being spam. How am I supposed to know that I subscribed to your newsletter if I’ve never seen your name before?

2) In case you learned your previous lesson and you reveal your name…

2.1: Well, if I’m able to read your name and I realize that I actually knew you from somewhere (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc), then yes, you have the chance to transform me into a reader. I will read your first emails. If you don’t push your luck by starting each and every day to try making me buy “this and that” while not providing any useful information, then you have a big chance to get a new & real reader!

2.2: However, if your name is unknown to me, you have a big problem, sorry! My time is very limited, I’m a busy person and I am already subscribed to a lot of good newsletters. If you’re a John Doe to me, sorry, I won’t give you any chance to transform me into a reader. This is somehow unfair, I know, but this is how real life is… No offense but I simply don’t have time to read every piece of information posted or broadcast by email by every John Doe. What if… you ARE a John Doe to a lot of people? Try to change that and your results will improve.

To Your Solo Ad Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. I don’t do some things that I pretended to do in this article. For example, I don’t sign up using fake email addresses, I don’t report emails unless I’m sure that they are really spam. But many people are doing it… The goal of the article was to make you aware of the “dangers” that a solo ad list-builder has to face. If you like my story and if you think that it includes good list building lessons, please share it with your internet marketing friends and help them!

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