Reasons Why Solo Ads Traffic Didn't Generate Opt-ins

5 Reasons Why You Got Solo Ads Traffic But No Opt-ins

Reasons Why Solo Ads Traffic Didn't Generate Opt-ins

Usually internet marketers use the solo ads type of advertising in order to drive traffic

– to a product page (looking for the sale) or
– to a squeeze page (looking for building their mailing list).

Nothing works perfect all the time. That’s why sometimes you can notice people complaining that they got clicks on their solo ad links but very few opt-ins or no opt-ins at all.

Today we will analyze together the last case and discover the top reasons why sometimes the solo ads traffic doesn’t generate any opt-in.

So you promised a freebie in your ad, people clicked your link but… surprise! A few days passed after the solo ad was published and you still got no opt-in.

What could be the reasons for such a bad result? Let’s see…

1. Simple Test: Click the Link from Your Solo Ad

Refresh your browser to clear its cache and then click the link from your solo ad. Did you land on your squeeze page? Is your page online? Can you see it?

Red Bullet One possible reason for not getting any opt-in is that the advertiser’s squeeze page is (or temporary was) offline. Servers issues can cause that or…

Even the advertisers can cause such a problem… if they forget to upload the page and they only keep it on their computer’s hardware. Don’t laugh! I’ve seen such situations.

Red Bullet A second reason that has the same effect is that some people copy by mistake in their solo ads another link from their site or just misspell the link.

Not your case? Well, if everything is fine by now, then …

2. Next Simple Test: Opt-in to Your Own Mailing List

Landing Page Email Course Provided by GetResponse

Opt-in to your own mailing list using the form from your squeeze page. Follow the whole subscription process even if that takes a few minutes.

Were you able to subscribe?

Red Bullet Some advertisers insert in their page a wrong code that makes the opt-in form not to work properly or not to work at all.

It was not your case, right?

Moving on…

3. Tests Are Over. Assessing the Situation

Let’s recap… Your squeeze page is online, your solo ad contains the right link to your page, your opt-in form works properly, you got a decent number of clicks but you got absolutely no opt-ins? Hmm…

Twenty, thirty or more persons had some interest in getting your ebook for free, have clicked your link but after they landed on your squeeze page have suddenly changed their mind. All of them, without exception.

A poorly designed squeeze page will make some prospects change their mind, there is no doubt. But when everyone changes her or his mind… I’m 100% sure that something is fishy. But not at your end.

It means that …

Red Bullet 1. You got some software generated traffic (Not what you paid for, isn’t it?) or…

Red Bullet 2. The people who landed on your squeeze page didn’t do it for the purpose of getting your ebook but for other reasons.

Why did they click your link? Here you go…

2. 1. One possible reason: an incentive to click your link – for example credits from solo ads vendor’s part. Like in the cases of the credit-based safelists, traffic exchanges and get paid to read emails programs.

2. 2 Another possible reason: the traffic that came to your squeeze page was diverted by the seller from the traffic generated by another advertiser’s solo ad. Since that advertiser has promised the readers another ebook there’s no wonder that you got such result!

Cases 2.1 and 2.2: I cannot know whether this is what you paid for or not. Check the Terms and Conditions for your purchase. If you find out now that this is what you paid for, never make such a purchase again. Next time don’t forget to read the ToS.

Next Article from the Same Series: “Top Reasons Why Your Solo Ads Traffic Generated Only a Few Opt-ins“.

To your list building success!
Adrian Jock

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Got Solo Ads Traffic But No Opt-ins

  1. I have never used solo ads but know this is a proven method of building a responsive list.
    This post goes some way towards educating the beginner and better still, re-educating the more experienced.

    Highly recommend and will be reading all the posts on this subject.

  2. Nice info about solo ads. I haven’t used them. How profitable they are? Is solo advertising restricted to affiliate marketing sites?

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Solo ads aren’t restricted to affiliate marketing offers. You can promote whatever you want as long as you comply with seller’s terms.

      As for the profitability, the solo ads are like any other type of paid advertising. Some people make money, others don’t… if you don’t know what you’re doing, you lose money.

      Of course there are also free solo ads, but usually you get what you paid for ;)

  3. Yeah, I’ve been burned using solo ads in the past, but I do know there are profitable solo ads out there. Due diligence :)

  4. Hi Adrian,

    Super point on incentives ;) The moment when you discover how your solo ad email subscribers clicked your link for a quarter of a penny LOL! Really though, do your homework. Spend extra coin to send solo ads to responsive lists, where subscribers genuinely want what you have to offer. You don’t want folks desperate to make pennies. You want folks with hundreds and thousands of dollars they want to spend, to improve their lives with your product or service.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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