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"150 Money Making Niche Headlines"

From the Office of: Adrian Jock, Author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series
You've joined a promising biz opp... You read the tips from the members area and...

Most of the times you're advised to buy some ads - especially solo ads. Isn't it so?

There you also find a few solo ads and a couple of headlines. Right?

Then you buy some solo ads and... surprise! Your results are not as expected...

Does it sound familiar?

Do you know why most of the new internet enterpreneurs fail just like you did?

Most of them blame the biz opp. But they forget that a biz opp is just like a tool after all... You know how to use it or you don't... If you don't know how to use it, does it matter how good that tool is? Let me tell you a simple but overlooked truth...

You're not the only one who promotes that biz opp... You're not the only one who uses the same two or three headlines found in the members area.

If you didn't join your biz opp during the first weeks after its launch... Hundreds of people, sometimes thousands, have already used the same headlines.

Again and again and again, the same headlines are landing in the readers' Inboxes. These days people get bored quickly...

If you add to that the fact that more and more Internet users are not impressed anymore by the lies suggested in the regular biz opp headlines, now you've got a clear picture, haven't you?

David Ogilvy quote - On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. An example...

During the last two years I got tons of emails having the subject line "Almost a secret" or "Earn 100% Commissions"...

Do you know what my reaction is once I see such a headline in my Inbox?

Oh, no, not another Empower Network ad... And I delete the email without opening the ad. I have no clue whether all of them were Empower Network ads or not. But I'm really sick of these headlines.

Do you really think that there's someone out there who gets in his Inbox the same headline again and again and still opens these emails?

No way! ... Got my point?

The headline is the most important part of a solo ad. But surprisingly, most of the people - including most of the biz opps founders - focus on the actual ad copy but neglect the headline...

That is unbelieveble, isn't it? But that's the sad reality.

I publish several newsletters and I've been running an advertising network since 2003. You won't believe how many advertisers submit good ads that have bad headlines...

"How to make $10,000 a week with no prior experience", "Click here!" or "Free video" are history. Understand that or you'll keep failing!

That's why I decided to publish the ebook "150 Money Making Niche Headlines" and help you! Take it or leave it... It's your chance and your decision...

150 Money Making Niche Headlines - Ebook's Cover

Mary Jo McNamara, Internet marketer, a happy reader...

Testimonial - Mary Jo McNamara Thank you, Adrian. The readers are sick of the usual hype "I'm creating 50 new millionaires. Spots going fast!", "This brought in $700,000 in 28 Days!" or "You can retire in 30 days!". You've understood exactly what biz opp seekers are looking for. Your headlines are very much different :)

It seems incredible that you can get
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But it is true!

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What if I don't like your headlines?

A: Even the best copywriters in the world test their ads. Do you know why? Because their opinion doesn't matter. Only the audience decides whether an ad is fit for it or not. Therefore, if the opinion of the best copywriters in the world doesn't matter - without being disrespectful... your opinion really doesn't matter. Is not you the one supposed to open your own solo ads! The readers of your solo ad must like the headlines, not you!

However, irrespective of the truth mentioned in the paragraph above, I want you to feel comfortable ... So ...

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Why waiting? Seven bucks only and no risks...

Get Now Your Winning Headlines and Make More Money!

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To Your Email Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock
Adrian Jock
Author of Solo Ads eBooks Series

P.S. What are you waiting for? Are you planning to use the same boring headlines? Don't you want your solo ads to be opened? Can you afford to stay there and wait while your competitors are on their way to getting better results and higher profits?

Why am I talking about your competitors instead of your team? Because the team thing is just another lie... One person won't sign up twice for the same biz opp. If someone is referred by anyone else other than you and signs up for your biz opp... does it matter how great ads you will show to that person? No, it doesn't, that person won't sign up twice. There's a competition out there and you must hurry! Get your copy now!

150 Money Making Niche Headlines

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