Are Solo Ads Really Better than Ezine Classified Ads?

I read many materials (ezine articles, forum or blog posts) about ezine advertising and one conclusion is always highlighted: solo ads are definitely better than ezine classified ads and that’s why ezine advertisers should avoid the classified ads.

There is some truth in this conclusion, but there is also a big misunderstanding.

Can you say that the airplanes are better than the cars and you should avoid driving a car? Of course not … (If your answer is yes … then try to get an airplane next time when you want to go to the mall … Will you?)

The same is in ezine advertising …

Solo ads are not better or worst than ezine classified ads but only serve for different purposes.

Here is just an example …

Because focusing in a wrong direction is only a big step forward to an unpleasant failure, for copywriters and advertisers testing is a key point.

Every time when you test something, as a general rule, you should go for the cheapest option because not the sale is the target. When you test something, the target is finding the answer to a question like:

What is the best headline you should use? A or B?

What product is worth to be promoted in order to get maximum benefits? X or Y?

You can find the SAME answer that you’re looking for … by spending more money or … less money.

Of course you go for the second option (less money) and therefore … if you have to choose between solo ads and classified ads, in such circumstances you should not go for solo advertising because it’s not the right choice for your purpose!

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock