Best Ezine to Buy Solo Ads

What Is the Best Ezine to Advertise with? #SoloAds

One of the questions many solo ads buyers ask is: “What is the best ezine to advertise with?

Best Ezine to Buy Solo Ads

If you check the responses, you’ll see that the question usually doesn’t get an appropriate answer. It’s not surprising and you’ll see why…

Let’s pretend that you asked that question…

Someone responds and claims that the best ezine to advertise with is “Blah Blah Newsletter“. Then you visit the website of that ezine and see that it’s a weight loss ezine.

What if you planned to promote an internet marketing ebook?

It’s obvious that “Blah Blah Newsletter” is not the best ezine, but an inappropriate ezine to advertise with.

Did that person laugh at you? Nope. Most probably he was involved in weight loss industry, his answer was based on his experience, and … you did not mention what is the niche you’re targeting.

If you don’t ask the right question, you may never get the right answer. The question should provide enough details so that people willing to help you understand what you’re looking for.

Coming back to the original question, the proper answer is this: it doesn’t exist the perfect ezine that is the best to advertise with irrespective of what you promote.

If you refine your question and mention what your target audience is, you may get answers that may be closer to what you actually need.

If you refine the question, will you get “THE ANSWER”?

The practice shown that usually you won’t get it. There’s a strong reason behind this result…

If someone is an expert involved in the same industry like you are, most probably he knows the answer. But he won’t reveal it. It’s against his interest!

The more advertisers an ezine has, the longer the waiting time for advertisers until their solo ads are published. Therefore if you find out that newsletter and buy some solo ads, then that expert will have to wait more before his own ads are published.

Additional reason: you may promote a product similar to the product the expert promotes. If your product is better or more affordable, the subscribers may not buy the expert’s product but yours.

That’s why you’ll never get for free that answer from an experienced marketer.

Of course you’ll find on forums many newbies who will not think that far. But will you rely on a newbie’s advice? There’s nothing wrong in being a newbie, but the newbie’s role is to learn, not to teach.

Is asking such a question on forums a waste of time?

No. When done correctly, solo ads advertising, like any other advertising, includes also market research and tests.

Refine your question in order to have better chances to get better answers and don’t stop your market research. Search ezines directories and search engines for newsletters from your niche. Take a closer look at their websites and check the quality of the content published in these ezines.

If you’re following this path you’ll eventually discover the best ezine that meets your needs.

To your solo ads success!
Adrian Jock

Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter