Click Trackers Review: ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

Click Trackers for Solo Ad Buyers: ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

Click Trackers Review: ClickMagick vs ClickMeter

If you buy solo ads from marketplaces like Udimi, a click tracker isn’t a must. The software of that platform tracks the clicks and solves the potential dispute between the buyer and the seller.

However, if you don’t buy your ad from solo ad marketplaces, you need a reliable and popular click tracker. Otherwise you’re a blind advertiser. Because you cannot properly assess the result.

Taking into consideration only the number of opt-ins or the sales is a common mistake made by newbies. Both these metrics depend very much on your landing page, not only on the solo ad.

Why a reliable tracker? It’s obvious, so I won’t get into details.

Why should the tracker also be a popular one? In order to have more chances to win a potential debate on the number of clicks delivered, you have to use as proof the results provided by a third party software that is trusted by the solo ad industry.

Now let’s start the actual comparison of two popular click trackers used both by solo ad buyers and sellers. ClickMagick vs ClickMeter …

The color scheme used in the comparison tables below: red is for disadvantages or features worse than the competitor’s, green is for advantages or better features.

1. Free Trial

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
Access to all features yes no1
No. of tracking links unlimited 100
Trial duration 14 days unlimited

1Note: ClickMeter’s free plan (named SMALL) has the following restrictions: no click fraud protection, no retargeting, no track conversion reports, no link uptime monitoring, no custom tracking domains, maximum 1,000 clicks per month, maximum 100 tracking links.

2. Pricing

2.1. Monthly Recurring Prices

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
No. of Clicks per Month No. of Links Monthly Price No. of Links Monthly Price
0-10,000 unlimited $17 2,500 $29
10,001-25,000 $47 2,500 $291
25,001-50,000 $47 5,000 $49
50,001-100,000 $47 10,000 $69
100,001-200,000 $97 20,000 $99
200,001-300,000 $97 30,000 $119
300,001-500,000 $97 50,000 $149
500,001-1,000,000 $97 100,000 $199
1,000,001-2,000,000 n/a 200,000 $349

1Note: While ClickMeter’s Medium plan ($29/mo) is cheaper than ClickMagick’s Standard plan ($47/mo) if you need to track fewer than 2,500 links per month, ClickMeter’s plan doesn’t include the following features included in ClickMagick’s plan: custom tracking domains (creating tracking links with your domains) and link uptime monitoring.

2.2. Discounts for Advance Payments

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
Billing Plan Discount Discount
Yearly 28-32% off not available

3. Tech Stuff, Features

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
Conversion Tracking yes
A/B Split Testing yes
Click Fraud Protection yes
Retargeting yes
Link Uptime Monitoring yes available only for Large ($99/mo) and X-Large ($349/mo) plans
Custom Tracking Domains yes
Public Stats Sharing yes
Google Analytics Compatible yes
Adding Your Notification Bar to Any Page yes no
Adding Your Pop-up to Any Page 5 types of pop-ups no
Content Locking1 yes no
Data Retention 6 mo (Starter Plan), 1 yr (Standard Plan), 2 yrs (Pro Plan) 1 yr (Medium Plan), 2 yrs (Large Plan), 3 yrs (Large Plan)
Money Back Guarantee yes

1Note: ClickMagick’s “Content Locking” feature refers to the option of forcing your visitors to complete an action (opt-in or share) in order to get access to your content.

4. Customer Support

4.1 Theory

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
Email Support | Response Time 24/7 | within 24 hrs 24/5 | info not available
Voice Call not available available, Mon-Fri

4.2 Practice: Testing the Response Speed/Quality of the Email Support

Green Bullet ClickMagick: Very good experience – Proper answer received within one hour on a Saturday evening.

Red Bullet ClickMeter: Very bad experience – Up to 6 days for receiving an answer. Not keeping promises, got an insult instead of apologies.

5. Affiliate Programs

  ClickMagick ClickMeter
Commission 35% of referral’s monthly payments 90% of referral’s first monthly payment
Payment Method PayPal
Payment Threshold $50

6. Time to Decide. ClickMagick or ClickMeter?

It’s easy to make a choice.

While ClickMeter calls itself “the best link tracking service,” the comparison tells it as it is: ClickMagick is way much better.

Get a free trial ClickMagick account now:

ClickMagick - click tracker for solo ad buyers and sellers

To Your Solo Ad Success!
Adrian Jock