Different Types of Solo Ads, Different Approaches

Recently, while being on GooglePlus, I was discussing with a nice lady different things about solo ads. She suddenly asked me for the link to the page where I sell solo ads. Guess what?

Choice vs Chance

I somehow suggested not buying solo ads from me. I bet she was quite confused and you’re too… What kind of seller suggests not buying his stuff?

Was she a trouble maker who doesn’t even know what a solo ad is and was I trying to avoid further troubles? No way, she is an internet marketer and more than 6 months ago she started selling solo ads with guaranteed clicks. I can assume that she has some experience in that solo ads sub-niche, right? Then… my attitude is quite a mystery, isn’t it?

Well, the truth is that I’m a strange guy, so… that attitude isn’t 100% unexpected LOL. But let’s move on and let me give you some details…

She knew or at least she was supposed to know from our discussion that I sell something different than she is used to: classic solo ads.

[There’s no standard terminology in this industry, I call them classic solo ads, many people call them ezine solo ads. But this last term can create some confusions because many internet marketers call ezines their commercial emails while the truth is that the “classic” ezines are different. The classic ezines are close to an offline magazine – they may include ads but people subscribe to them in order to read news, articles, tips and so on. A “classic” ezine or newsletter is not a “buy this stuff” commercial mailing.]

Let’s get back on track. So… that lady was asking for the link to the page where I sell solo ads. She was thinking like the people from her sub-niche (solo ads with guaranteed clicks) while approaching a different sub-niche (classic solo ads).

You know, I like to give people examples from the real world so that they understand better my point. Here is such an example… Whether you want to buy or build a house for living or a building for your company’s office, that’s still a building… Right? Right, but… a house for living is different than an office building. Both are buildings but… Different types of buildings, different approaches. If you don’t change your approach, you may fail. You won’t need a full bathroom for your offices, will you?

It’s quite similar here where we talk about solo ads. Both classic solo ads and solo ads with guaranteed clicks are… solo ads. But they are different and you need different approaches for each one of them.

Her approach is quite correct for her sub-niche but it’s wrong for the other one. When it comes to classic solo ads you’re not supposed to look for solo ads sellers. That is a mistake. If you want to try this sub-niche, you shouldn’t look for persons but for good newsletters that have the same topic as your ad.

For example, one of the ezines from my network is Jokes Journal. It doesn’t matter who the publisher is and it doesn’t matter who the solo ads seller is. What is important is the topic of that ezine. It’s a good ezine, I guarantee you and it has its audience but… if you buy a solo ad slot in that ezine for your internet marketing stuff, then that wouldn’t be targeted advertising but untargeted advertising. That’s wrong, you simply can’t get a very good result unless you’re lucky. But I’m not talking about gambling here, am I?

So… if you want to try the classic solo ads sub-niche stop asking each seller, “Where is your solo ads page?”. And also stop asking, “What is the best solo ads seller?” This kind of approach will waste a lot of your time only to find a newsletter that maybe is not the most appropriate for your advertisement. You need to try the other way around… look for newsletters, not for sellers.

There are tons of ezines and solo ads vendors. But there aren’t tons of ezines that match very well the topic of your advert. That’s why when it comes to classic solo ads, it’s way more effective to search for newsletters that match your topic instead of simply searching for solo ads sellers.

In addition, in the classic solo ads sub-niche, nobody guarantees you any single click. In comparison with the other sub-niche, you’re on your own. You have to take care of more things, you have to be more experienced.

Outside the internet marketing niche it’s very hard to find solo ads with guaranteed clicks sellers. If you don’t want to fail, you need to learn more about solo ads advertising.

But if you’re in the internet marketing niche, then there is no point in trying classic solo ads unless you want to promote a brand or want to directly sell something instead of building a mailing list.

To your success!
Adrian Jock

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