Ezine solo ads vs safelist solo ads

Ezine Solo Ads vs. Safelist Solo Ads

David vs Goliath?

You can have your solo ads published in ezines other people publish or you can send the same ads to safelists members. Every time when there are more options, people are asking, “What’s the best?”

Let’s try together to find out the answer to the question “What to focus on when advertising with solo adverts?” Ezines or safelists?

Ready? First of all, we have to split the safelists in two categories: regular safelists and credit based safelists.

In case of the first type of safelists, the members are not required to do anything in order to get the right of sending their free ads. Everyone sends his ads to the others, but the main problem is this: who’s reading them? Since very few people read a lot of email ads just for fun or for killing their time, without looking for something or without being required to do it, a comparison between ezines and regular safelists is pointless. The regular safelists will never ever win such a “match”. Therefore, we will compare credit based safelists and ezines.

Now let’s make it easier by using a Q & A (questions & answers) method …

Q: Are ezines and safelists legal?

A: When it comes to Internet, a global network, usually it is quite hard to know whether something is legal or not. Why? Because the laws are different. What is legal in your country may be illegal in my country. However, in this particular case we can say without making a mistake that ezines and safelists are legal. Both of them are opt-in and people can opt-out at any time. So … the match is still 0-0.

Q: What are the potential readers interested in?

A: People subscribe to ezines in order to find out resources and get news on a certain topic. For example, people subscribe to a health ezine because they are interested in receiving health related info. If the product you plan to promote is in the same niche like the ezine, then we can say that the readers of that ezine are a perfect target for you.

The goal of anyone who joins a safelist isn’t to read something (your ads) but to send her or his own ads to the other members. Since such people are very far from being a perfect target for an advertiser, the score becomes 1-0 for the ezines team.

Q: Supposing that my solo ad is very good, what are the chances for my ad to be read?

A: Ezines readers usually are subscribed to more ezines not to one single ezine. However, the number of ezines someone is subscribed to is not that significant. Taking into account the fact that not all ezines are published in the same day and most of the publishers don’t send solo ads each and every day, the number of emails that land daily in someone’s Inbox is reasonable.

When it comes to safelists, even if someone subscribes only to one single safelist, that person will receive tens or even hundreds of emails daily.

Since no one reads emails all day long, the more emails someone receives, the less emails are actually read. A fierce competition for recipient’s attention means less chances to succeed. The score already became 2-0 for ezines.

Q: What are the costs for sending the solo advertisements?

A: Usually ezine solo ads are not free and the publishers charge you based on the number of subscribers an ezine has. As for safelists, “free solo ads” is the main argument used by the owners in order to get their members. However, even if the ads are free, your costs won’t be zero. [Additional reading: Free Solo Ads? Stop Lying to Yourself!] Why? Because you need to earn credits before being able to send your free ads and this takes some of your time. The more you value your time, the higher the costs. This evaluation depends only on you. You have to decide alone what’s the new score of the match from your point of view.


Because of the decision that has to be taken regarding the answer to the last question, the score of the match may be different from person to person. However, the winner of this match is the same: the ezines.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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5 thoughts on “Ezine Solo Ads vs. Safelist Solo Ads

  1. hey Adrian!

    great article my friend!

    oh, and i can HIGHLY recommend Adrian’s ebook – Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads – it’s awesome!

    in fact Adrian, i was thinking of testing some solo’s in your publication, what’s your thoughts?

    Carl Ashton.

  2. Thank you, Carl.

    If you want to test your own solo ad – for example buying 3 solo ads and using 3 different subject lines but the same ad copy – in order to decide what subject line is the best, then buying cheap solo ads in small ezines is one of the ways I recommend.

    However, if you don’t want to test your own ad (or parts of it), but actually want to simply promote something, then you should buy advertising space in ezines that have the same topic like the product/service you want to promote. If you don’t do that, your advertising is untargeted and that is bad for you.

    If there is something not very clear, let me know.


  3. great info Adrian.

    that’s actually what i was planning to do so I’m glad you backed up that thought for me :)

    I’m going to use the DOE to help find the right ezines to run my ads in once I have finished testing. It was Charlie Page from the DOE who recommended your great ebook to me!


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