Discover ezines from the same niche as your solo ad

How to Find Ezines From the Same Niche as Your Solo Ad

Discover ezines from the same niche as your solo ad

Newbies are looking for the best ezine to advertise with. Or for the best place to buy solo ads. No such thing.

Advanced marketers are looking for ezines from the same niche as their solo ad. That’s the way to go. Targeted advertising, not fairy tales.

The problem solo ad buyers face is that sometimes they don’t know any ezine that matches the topic of their solo ad. Or they’re looking for new alternative ezines, other than those already tested.

Today’s article explores the ways to find the ezines that are appropriate for your solo ad.

Of course you can start by asking your peers whether they know any ezine of the type you’re looking for. Not a bad choice. But you shouldn’t limit your research to their answers.

The bigger the list of ezines that match your requirements, the better. Once you have it, you can further apply a rigorous selection procedure and your chances to find the best newsletter for your solo ad advertising needs will be higher.

Directories of Ezines

1. Charlie Page’s Directory of Ezines

Charlie Page Directory of Ezines

The Directory of Ezines – also known as DOE – is one of the oldest ezine directories.

The ezines are listed based on their niche. Currently there are 14 niches, including “Business Opportunity,” “Health & Fitness,” “Personal Growth,” and more.

DOE members get also freebies, access to marketing resources and free consultancy, discounts, and more.

The membership isn’t free though. And it’s not very cheap. Therefore, if there’s any chance for you to stop solo ad marketing within the next days, then don’t buy DOE. You may not be able to offset your investment within such a short period of time. Consider buying the membership only if you’re convinced that solo ads work for you.

2. Free Directories of Ezines

Some of them were closed. Others are still online. However, their biggest problem is that they are very outdated.

I’ve been publishing ezines since 2001 and I listed them with most free ezine directories that were available. Guess what… I have never ever received an update request from any directory.

So you know what to expect from such free directories.

If you’re a patient person and you’re willing to search among dead links and outdated pieces of information, here are four directories:

Udimi Solo Ad Marketplace

If you’re looking for solo ads with guaranteed clicks, Udimi Solo Ad Network is a must for your research.

The membership is free and the site has a search feature. There’s also a forum where you can post announcements.

To find more info about this network, read my Udimi review.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks

Google and Other Search Engines

Search engines have huge databases. All you have to do is to use proper search criteria.

1. Never Use the Keyword “The Best”

Everyone wants to get only the best stuff. So the first impulse is to add “the best” to your search terms. Or any other similar term.

For example, someone looking to buy solo ads in health ezines may search for “the best health ezines.” Bad choice.

I won’t get into too many details regarding the algos search engines use. What you have to know is that the search engines list web pages that include your keywords.

For example, if I write on my own page that my health ezine is the best, it will appear in search when you search for the best health ezines. But it doesn’t mean that my ezine is really the best. Got it? ;)

2. Proper Combinations of Keywords

Here are some keywords that you should combine:

– the name of your niche / the acronym of your niche (if any)
– ezine / newsletter / mailing list
– subscribe / subscription
– solo ads / exclusive mailings / guaranteed clicks
– advertising
– blog

Tip: Some bloggers or ezine publishers may not know what a solo ad is. It doesn’t automatically mean that their list sucks, or that they aren’t willing to sell you a solo ad spot. Contact them and explain what you’re looking for. Sometimes you may find real gems no solo ad buyer is aware of.

To your solo ads success!
Adrian Jock