Generate Fast and Targeted Leads For Your Business Using Solo Ads

If you’re not using solo ads and ezine advertising in your marketing mix, you’re missing out on a great way to generate fast and targeted leads for your business. So let me start out by explaining the basics…

What is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is an individual advertisement for your business, product/service that is sent to the subscriber base by the owner of an ezine, newsletter, etc. This is a very effective advertising technique because of the fact that usually the owner has built trust with their subscribers, has loyal readers, and your ad is sent to several thousands of people. These are the type of lists you’ll want to advertise to. Before you go and drop money on a solo ad, you want to find out a couple things from the owner like…

How many subscribers do you have?

How often do you send your solo ads?

Has there been a similar ad sent to your list?

These few questions will really narrow down which solo ads are worth buying and which are not. You want to be careful with some ezine owners claiming your ad will be sent to millions of subscribers for a very low price. Usually those are lists with loads of dead e-mails, so make sure you find out a little more before you buy. I actually wasted my own money on ad a while back when a solo ad service advertised that my ad would go to 100,000+ subscribers along with 1200+ guaranteed visitors all for $13.

I was still new and still getting familiar with this form of advertising so I made the purchase before I asked any questions. Sounded like a good deal at the time but I ended up only with $13 less and no leads. So before you buy that solo ad, find out exactly who your ad is going to and ask the owner the questions above for a highly targeted, highly converting solo ad for your business, product, or service.

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