How to Get Better Results from Solo Ads

How to Get the Most Out of Your Solo Ads

How to Get Better Results from Solo Ads

Solo ads advertising is the king of ezine advertising but many advertisers don’t know how to get the most out of it.

If you’re willing to understand a basic online advertising principle and you’re willing to forget all hype used to grab newbies’ attention (and their money), then keep reading this article.

Let’s pretend that you or your copywriter wrote a perfect advertisement whose goal is to make readers visit a high converting sales letter where you sell a very good ebook.

It looks like an ideal situation, right? Well, even if everything is perfect on your side (it will never be perfect, but let’s pretend that it is so), on the other side there is a complex world which is far from being perfect in the way YOU like.

Now let me reveal some typical results for such an advertising campaign:

Bullet Some people will not be interested in the topic of your ebook. They will never ever buy your ebook. You’ve wasted your money promoting it to them.

Bullet Other people will be interested in your ebook.

Let’s see what the people from the second category will do:

1. Some people will buy your ebook.

2. For some reason (in the real world, there are plenty of such reasons) some people will save the idea of buying for later. And then most of them will forget about it.

3. Some people will be undecided. There are a lot of reasons for such a behavior. For example, they don’t know you and they are afraid of not being scammed.

4. Other people will decide not to buy it. Not everyone buys everything she or he is interested in.

As you can see, and most of you already knew it, many readers of your solo ad will not buy your ebook. You can analyze the possible reasons for not buying your ebook and improve the situation, but a lot of people still won’t buy it, no matter what you’ll do. The main problem is this: you SELL something.

If you want to get the most out of your solo ads, then stop selling.
Give something of value for free in exchange of people signing for your own mailing list.

Giving away something will remove a lot of blocks. Yes, that’s the key: use the solo ads to build your own mailing list. Instead of your one time mailing (the solo ad), you will be able to send multiple mailings, people will know you better, and you will have more chances to sell your stuff.

Of course, this method involves work and won’t make you money on the spot. But in the long run you’ll get much more money than a simple one time solo mailing. It’s simple math and this is the path all successful internet marketers are following. Think about it …

Now it’s your turn to decide the way it’s gonna be for you.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock