It's copywriting, not copying my writing

How to Avoid the Failure of Your Solo Ads Campaign

It's copywriting, not copying my writing

Despite what your guru may tell you about how easy is to get a nice profit by simply copying and pasting a pre-written solo ad from the members area of your biz opp, the reality is totally different.

No one ever became wealthy by doing almost nothing (copying & pasting some solo ads), except for the heirs of the wealthy people. Not even your guru!

Before you start any new solo advertising campaign, be sure that you follow some simple principles…

1. Tell the truth in your solo ads and don’t mislead the readers. People don’t like the deceivers.

2. Write an attention grabbing subject line for your solo ad. No one will open a solo ad that has a subject line that says nothing. Like “Check this out”.

3. Don’t copy and paste a pre-written solo ad that you don’t know whether is good or not or whether people are already bored to see it again and again. You’re not the only one who is told to copy that solo ad. Every new member is given the same wrong piece of advice.

4. Double check your spelling. Grammatical errors are not your friends. If your credibility is affected, what result do you think you’ll get?

5. Don’t hide yourself by not adding a signature to your solo ad. If no one is signing that ad where a certain thing is recommended, why do you think that the reader will trust such a recommendation?

6. Learn what words to avoid in your ad copy so that your solo ad not to be blocked by the spam filters. Don’t assume that many publishers are willing and able to help you.

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7. To see which ad copy is better, test different solo ads. Then start your actual solo advertising campaign using the ad that got the better results. Never forget to use an ad tracker.

8. Choose carefully who will publish your solo ad. There is a jungle out there. There are professionals, but also amateurs and even scammers. An amateur or a scammer may simply destroy your solo ad campaign.

To Your Solo Ads Success!
Adrian Jock

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