Keep Calm and Run Away

Some Solo Ads Sellers Can Ruin Your Advertising Campaign

Keep Calm and Run Away

Some solo ads sellers don’t know what they’re doing.

If you don’t take care who you’re placing the order with, a solo ad seller can ruin your solo ads campaign by making a simple and stupid mistake.

Don’t assume that the solo ads sellers are all professional. There are a lot of amateurs in absolutely any field.

I thought that the mistake I’m revealing below is not made anymore. I was wrong…

I’ve just received an email from an ezine publisher that has the following subject line…

Example of Bad Solo Ad Headline: 'Check this out! Solo from Hans'

The image above is a screen capture from my Gmail account.

Can You Spot Solo Ad Publisher’s Mistake?

Instead of advertiser’s subject line, the subject line of that email contains advertiser’s name and the type of ad the advertiser purchased (a solo ad).

How dumb is that? Advertiser’s actual subject line was no longer a subject line but a line from the body of that email.

Remember how important is the subject line? If instead of your subject line it is published only “Solo Ad”, “Dynamic solo”, “Publisher’s Exclusive solo”, etc, who do you think will open your solo ad?

Unpleasant situation. The seller simply throw away your money…

How to Avoid Such Solo Ads Sellers?

First of all, don’t assume that only newbies make this mistake. I’ve noticed that even some experienced ezine publishers make that mistake. No, I’m not kidding. There are many guys and girls from the old school, who started ezine publishing many years ago, but… they didn’t bother to learn anything all these years. They keep making again and again the same mistakes considering that writing some articles is all you need to do in order to be a good newsletter publisher.

Now here are 2 solutions…

Solution # 1 – Before placing your order, subscribe to seller’s mailing list (newsletter, ezine, or whatever it is) and see how other solo ads look like.

Solution # 2 – Before placing your order, contact the seller and ask a simple question:

“How exactly my solo ad will look like?”

Ask the seller to send you a template. Or even better… provide your own solo ad and ask the seller to send you back an email that it’s exactly like the solo ad that will be sent to the subscribers.

Of course you can combine both solutions by subscribing to seller’s newsletter and also contacting the publisher.

To Your Solo Ads Success!
Adrian Jock

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