Reasons Why I Don't Click Some Links

10 Reasons Why I Won’t Click on Some Solo Ads Links

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A couple of weeks ago I revealed 15 reasons why I won’t open some solo ads. What’s the next logical step?

If the subject line is OK and I open the email, let’s see some of the reasons that can make me delete the solo ad without taking the action the email marketer expects.

Why only some of them? Do I have any secret? Nope, but some of the reasons why I won’t open a solo ad are valid also for the ad copy. I won’t repeat them except for the last one. That reason is so important that it has to be repeated again and again.

Now… let’s party!

1. The ad copy proves that the advertiser doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Example of a first phrase from a real paid solo ad: “Thank you for requesting more information about…” Sorry but such ad is not even misleading, it’s just dumb!

2. The advertiser thinks that I’m an idiot. Example of a first paragraph from a paid solo ad: “Some sites claim you’ll make $50,000 this month. I say ‘give me $1,000 this WEEK and I’ll be happy!’” In order to be sure that I don’t change by mistake any single letter from this masterpiece (!) I copied and pasted it LOL

3. The ad is extremely short, it doesn’t reveal anything and it doesn’t even make me curious. I’m not a curious person “by default” and I don’t click on links just to find out what’s there.

4. The ad is long and it doesn’t contain any paragraphs. That’s hard to read! Did you visit any decent website? Did you notice the paragraphs? Guess why they are there! ;-)

5. A long message that doesn’t capture my attention very quickly is a failure. Some people scroll down to see the P.S. but I don’t do it. If you start the wrong way, I won’t waste any more of my time with you. You had a chance but you’ve missed the target.

6. The ad copy insults me. I’m not a fan of insult marketing. This is valid also for headlines but I forgot to add this reason to that article :-(

7. The link is not clickable or it’s broken. It must be a damn good ad to make me copy & paste the link into my browser’s address bar. Most of the times… it isn’t.

Example of Broken Link in a Solo Ad

8. ClickBank affiliate links and no incentive for me to buy using the advertiser’s affiliate link. [Don’t think that you’re safe if you encrypt the link. That’s a ClickBank joke. For affiliates, the problem is not the link but the whole system. The payment page reveals the truth irrespective of your link.]

9. Promises, guarantees, magic formulas and then… at the bottom of the ad… no signature. I’ve seen tons of such solo ads. I don’t know if the advertisers were newbies or if they were hiding. What I know is that to me… no signature equals zero trust equals delete.


10. To me… my family and myself are the most important people in the world. If the advertiser doesn’t take this fact into consideration… his ad is deleted within seconds! And don’t get me wrong… Even if the advertiser uses the magic pronoun “you”, that’s not enough…the context matters a lot. “Buy my [garbage] and you’ll be rich overnight” is not about me but about the advertiser ;-)

In the end let me quote myself… (Damn, I’m good! Someone is quoting me!)

This is my view and it’s not necessarily congruent with John’s, Mary’s and Peter’s views. […] Different types of audience may have different opinions and may need different approaches from your part.

To your success!
Adrian Jock

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