If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.

Are Small Ezines Worthless for Solo Ads Advertising?

If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle

Solo ads advertising is a complex process and it’s influenced by many factors. If you don’t take into consideration the effects of as many variables as possible, then some of your conclusions may be wrong.

Recently I had a conversation with the owner of a directory of ezines…

I was puzzled when I found out what his newest plan is: to remove the small ezines from his directory. Why to do that? Because according to him small ezines are worthless for ezine advertisers.

Hmm… Is it right or it’s just another misconception about ezine advertising? Let’s see…

What kind of ezines do we use for marketing tests?

Let’s suppose that you’ve just discovered a new service. You like it and the next step is to ask yourself “Why not promoting it and getting some money out of it?”.

Without thinking too much, some people will buy a solo ad and promote the new toy. “The larger the ezine, the better the results”, they’ll say. Then they’ll see the results that may or may not be as expected. At the end of the day some of them will be happy, others won’t be the same. That’s gambling though…

Other advertisers will be more professional and first they will test the market in order not to invest too much in something that may be rejected for various reasons. Right? OK, let’s move on …

How would you do such marketing tests? First of all you make a list of ezines that are in the same niche as the service you plan to promote, right? Then you choose some of these ezines for the purpose of buying some solo ads.

Taking into account that you don’t know yet what the market thinks about that service and your solo ad, what ezines are you going to choose for your test? Will you choose the largest ezines and pay a lot of money? Or will you choose some small ezines and invest just an insignificant amount of money? Remember your goal: to test the reaction of the market. So …

If you can get the answer to your question by paying less, then there is no point in paying more just to find out the same answer. Of course that you will avoid the large ezines.

What have we learned so far? Are the small ezines worthless? Hmm …

Non-techie publishers aren’t advertisers’ friends

Another important aspect that we have to consider is that many ezine publishers don’t take into consideration the technical parts of email marketing. Avoiding spam filters, cleaning the list, etc.

The subscribers who never get an ezine due to the powerful spam filter installed by their email service provider … will never unsubscribe. Oops! Such “subscribers” may stay subscribed forever to an ezine and the publisher will proudly show you nice but actually fake figures …

Many old gals and guys publishing ezines write great content but… they’re non-techie. They never perform simple actions such as tracking the links from their ezines and removing the subscribers who never click their links…

Even if most of these publishers are honest, as a direct consequence of being non-techie, sometimes they show you fake numbers of subscribers. The older the ezine, the more fake subscribers.

The truth is that publishers’ lack of knowledge has a simple and expected result: they’re scamming you by showing big but fake numbers of subscribers and charge you accordingly. Do you really want to advertise in such large ezines?

What have we learned from this second example? Sometimes the number of subscribers is not relevant because it is very different from the number of readers.


I can continue this article, but I guess you already understood my point. Large ezines aren’t better than the small ones. But don’t be misled… this article doesn’t prove that small ezines are better than the large ones. I didn’t plan to prove that. Why? For a simple reason: I can’t prove it. Small ezines aren’t better than large ezines. And vice-versa… Remember what I’ve said at the very beginning of this article … Advertising in ezines is a complex process.

To your success!
Adrian Jock

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