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How Do You Know That Your Solo Ad Has Been Published?

Has My Solo Ad Been Published?

A few days ago, while reading a solo ads blog post by Gareth Morgan I noticed the following question:

“But I will question whether certain providers even bother sending the ads at all. After all, how do we truly know if they do?”

Good question. Let’s see how and if you can check whether your solo ad has been published or not by a solo ad seller…

First of all, please remember that one of the nine common mistakes advertisers make is not tracking the links from their solo ads. Always track your links!

If you run 2 solo ads in the same time promoting the same thing, how do you know what ad produced the best result? Or if the ad copy was identical but there were 2 solo ad sellers, how do you know which one was the best for you? And more… If you don’t use an ad tracker and something goes wrong, then how do you know what was wrong? And so on… Got my first tip?

Now let’s further proceed with today’s lesson…

1. Checking “Ezine Solo Ads” Sellers

When you buy a solo ad that is going to be distributed to the readers of a classic ezine/newsletter, then usually your advertisement is going to be sent to ALL subscribers. Please note “all subscribers”, that’s very important. How can you know that the ezine publisher really sent the ad? That’s easy…

If you plan to advertise in a certain newsletter, then subscribe to it using a pen name and an email address other than your PayPal address. By the way, don’t use an email address having a powerful spam filter installed. If you do it, then you can ruin your own test… You don’t want YOUR spam filter to block YOUR own solo ad, do you? Ok?

After some time place your solo ad order. As a subscriber to that newsletter, you are supposed to receive also your solo ad (check also your spam/junk folder!)

Solo Ad Queued for Delivery

Now let’s pretend that the solo ad seller is a scammer. Can that seller scam you by sending your solo ad only to you?

No, that’s impossible. Why? Because you subscribed using another identity and the publisher cannot know that the advertiser is a subscriber unless she/he’s wasting the time comparing IP’s (but anyway you can use an anonymous proxy when subscribing – in that case, comparing IP’s won’t help a potential scammer).

2. Checking “Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks” Sellers

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Many vendors don’t send the advert to all subscribers. That’s why the simple method described above doesn’t work in their case.

If you receive the clicks that were guaranteed, if they don’t come from safelists links (that’s why it’s important to track the links from your solo ads) and if the clicks don’t come from the same IP’s, then you can assume that your ad was published. Clicks don’t come from outer space, do they? :-)

What if you don’t receive the guaranteed clicks?

In such a case it’s not important to find out whether your solo ad was published or not. The clicks were guaranteed clicks, weren’t they? Ask the vendor for your money back!

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3. Checking “Safelist Solo Ads” Sellers

If your ad is supposed to be sent to throw-away email addresses already full of tons of safelist ads, why do you care if the solo ad was really sent or not? Even if the safelist is a credit-based one, their users’ main principle is…

I click the links to get credits but I don’t waste my time checking what’s there – I’m here to get optins and/or sell my stuff! Then I spend my credits and get clicks on my link from people who hopefully are not doing like I do. Common, newbies, check & buy my garbage. You won’t need it anyway, but I need your money!

Uhhh, sorry, I don’t recommend you buying safelist solo ads.

Well, that’s it, folks…

To Your Solo Ads Success!
Adrian Jock

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