9 Common Mistakes Solo Ad Advertisers Make


Solo ads are powerful advertising tools. However, any tool has its own limits and if you don’t know how to properly use it, then it won’t help you achieve your goal.

One easy method to improve the results of your solo ads advertising campaigns is learning from other email marketers mistakes.

Today’s article reveals some of the most frequent mistakes internet marketers make when advertising with solo ads.

Solo Ads Copywriting Mistakes

1. Writing common subject lines – Your ad is not the only message that lands in recipient’s Inbox. If the subject line doesn’t grab the attention, the solo ad won’t be opened.

When it comes to grabbing reader’s attention, take care and don’t get me wrong. Some solo ads scream “Delete Me” and I don’t suggest you to transform a common subject line into that kind of subject lines. Since I already revealed some subject lines that made me delete the solo ads without reading their ad copy, let’s move on.

2. Writing long and boring solo adverts – People don’t have time to read novels and when they have it, they read real novels, not long advertisements.

3. Talking about themselves – If you’re not a very known person, forget about the pronoun “I”. No one is interested to find out what a John Doe did yesterday or one week ago.

4. Exaggerating in their ads – All hype does is telling readers you’re not serious. If that is the feeling the ad creates, who do you think will click on your link?

Solo Ads Strategy Mistakes

5. Trying to sell in their solo ads – Understand once and forever what the purpose of an email advert is: to make people click on your link. Give them a reason to do it. The fact that you want to sell them something is not a reason for them to click on your link.

6. Advertising in ezines outside their niche – If there is nothing in common between the topic of your ad and the topic of an ezine, it is very likely that the readers of that ezine won’t be interested in your ad.

7. Advertising in poor quality ezines – There is a jungle out there. Before placing an order, subscribe to the ezines and see what content is published. If the content is of poor quality, how many readers do you think that newsletter has?

8. Not using an ad tracker – If you can’t analyze the results of your advertising campaign, how do you know what you should change, remove or improve?

9. Not repeating their marketing message to the same persons – Usually an ad has to be seen more times before someone acts on it. Most of the people don’t take decisions on the spot (and then they forget about you & your stuff).

Nobody’s perfect… Learn from other people’s mistakes, whether you’re advertising or you’re just living your own life.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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