Solo Ads and Aliens (Internet Marketing Humor)

A squirell: So, I was wonderin'... The net is full of nuts, right?

Most probably you’re wondering what is the connection between solo ads and aliens. I’ve been in your shoes too until I found the SECRET …

One day I was sitting in front of my computer and being a little bit tired, I said to myself,

“Let’s take a break and read some email solo ads in order to see what’s new online.”

And I started to read …

Reading Solo Ads: All the Money Worries are Over!

Tens of thousands of dollars within weeks, systems that work for everyone, bla bla bla, all easy and legal.

In the first instance I wanted to call my local unemployment office and tell them the good news: the global economic crisis is over, a lot of people found the solution to make us all rich. A busy tone suggested to me that the people at that office are still working and I’m not the only one who is not a millionaire yet… Hmm, strange! Am I the only one who read the news? Something doesn’t match here…

Then I read more … Systems that never failed, ways of making money without selling anything and without having any experience, more and more surprises … I must be living in a cave … the world changed so fast and I’m the last one who found out that all the money worries are over! Am I that dumb?

Being quite shocked, I insisted and read even more ads until my eyes stopped on a message that appeared to be coming from another millionaire, but … Hey, stop for a moment, I know very well that person. Yesterday she wrote to me that she cannot afford to pay for a medium priced ezine advertising package I sell and she asked for a discount. Was she so greedy or there is another explanation?

Solo Ads: the Secret Finally Revealed

Then I started to ponder

Systems that never failed? Well, almost any human being knows that there is nothing perfect.

Systems that work for everyone? Almost any human being knows that we, the human beings, are different

No experience required to do something that gets you tons of money? Yeah, suure! Actually any intelligent human being knows that all these promises … cannot be true, here on Planet Earth …

And suddenly I understood the truth and I was scared … human beings know very well the world they are living in, don’t they? They must be ALIENS those creatures that sent me those solo adverts … I’m really scared and I don’t know if I’ll dare so soon to read the solo ads I receive …

Beware of these aliens and open your eyes! They are dangerous if you don’t take care …

To Your Success, Whatever You Do! (But don’t be an Alien!)
Adrian Jock

P.S. Despite this shocking experience, I still publish my newsletter where I preach the do’s and don’ts of ezine advertising for the few human beings that are still hanging around. Recently I published for them one of the few ebooks on solo ads … Of course aliens didn’t like it and ran away quickly when they smelled it … Too bad for them! Some solo ads advertisers liked it very much though … Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads

P.P.S. I hope you’re not an alien :-) If you like my funny solo ads story, share it with your friends using the social media bar on the left side (thank you!)