Solo Ads: Essential Questions & Answers

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Almost anyone knows that the solo ads are the best form of ezine advertising. However, many marketers have only some vague ideas on how to properly use them. Some of them understand that something is wrong in what they did only after they failed. Others never understand the reality (it’s easier to blame all the other people but not themselves!)

Today’s article is a mini-guide for email advertisers looking to improve the results of their solo advertising campaigns. For an easier reading and understanding, the essential principles I will talk about today are shown in a Q & A (Questions & Answers) format.

Q: Paid vs. Free Solo Ads. Why should I pay for a solo advert if there are so many places (safelists, text ad exchanges) where I can get them for free?

A: Why do you think that so many online businesses fail? No offence, but where there is a crowd there are also a lot of losers. Choose your model carefully and don’t lose contact with the real world.

When was the last time when a stranger gave you something valuable for free? … No one gives away something really valuable. No one. Most of the online freebies value exactly what you pay for them (nothing, to be more specific). If you have something of value, what do you do with it? Do you keep it for yourself or your family, do you sell it, or do you give it away to a stranger?

Q: Where shall I buy solo ads from? Can you recommend a responsive newsletter or a good email marketing service? Shall I type “solo ads” in my favored search engine and buy from the places listed on the first page?

A: All such approaches are wrong. First you need to understand the difference between targeted and untargeted advertising…

Let’s say that you want to promote the latest SF book you wrote. If you promote it in a newsletter distributed to the members of the association “We hate books”, then you will fail. That’s not targeted advertising, neither untargeted advertising, but dumb advertising. If you promote it in a health newsletter, then you shoot in the dark. The people have subscribed to that newsletter because they want to get health info. Some of them may like to read a book from time to time, others may hate books. You don’t have a clue. What you know for sure about them is that they want something you do NOT offer (health info). That’s untargeted advertising. Finally, if you promote your book to the newsletter distributed to the members of the association “We love SF” … then it’s obvious that you have serious chances to sell your book. That’s targeted advertising.

Now let’s come back to the original questions…

I don’t know what you will promote tomorrow, neither what you will promote next week. If I recommend you a very good health newsletter and you’re gonna promote your SF book, will this help you in any way? Nope …

If you type that keyword in your search engine, what results will you get? The best newsletters in the niche you’re interested in? No way. You’ll get a list of sites arranged by that search engine using a formula that does NOT involve factors like the quality or the topic of the newsletter.

Then … What to do? Be specific, refine your research and always look for ezines that have the same topic like the product or service you plan to promote.

Q: I’m not interested in reading the newsletter I plan to publish my ad in. Shall I waste my time and subscribe to it?

A: That’s a must. You’re not wasting your time, you’re avoiding a potential failure. What if that newsletter doesn’t exist? Or what if only poor quality content is published there? What if the subscribers are bombarded with ads? What if …

You’ll never find the answers to these questions and many others unless you subscribe and read the newsletter. Then decide whether you place the order or not.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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  1. You are 100% right. For years I used free safelists and they are a total waste of time. Even the paid safelist solos are a waste of time. Very few read the solo as they are too busy opening the solo in a new tab and waiting for the time to run out so they can earn advertising credits.

    Good job.

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