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The Truth About Solo Ads Testimonials

Solo Ads Testimonial

Before buying a solo ad, we all want to make sure that we get the best bang for the buck, don’t we? How do we do that? One of the possible ways is to find out how happy other buyers were with their purchase.

That’s why even the junior marketers know that testimonials help their business. Testimonials are valuable marketing assets for all solo ads sellers.

But what about the buyers? Are testimonials of any help? Or are they only psychological triggers that we should learn to disregard?

Let’s stop applying blindly a method that works in certain situations. Let’s analyze the solo ads case and see what we get…

Do solo ads testimonials really deserve the buyer’s attention or not?

Fake Solo Ad Testimonials = Worthless. How Do We Spot Them?

Scammers are everywhere and the solo ad business makes no exception. It’s obvious that fake testimonials are worthless, but how do we spot them?

In the forum post displayed below, Mr. Kailo shows you a simple method… if the testimonial is signed by Jane from Cali or anything similar – very generic, there’s a big chance to have in front of your eyes a fake testimonial.

Of course, you can’t be 100% sure, it may be a matter of privacy protection, but why take the risk? Disregard such testimonials.

How to Spot Good Solo Ads Testimonials?

Another big question mark has to pop out in your mind when you see that “X” recommends a certain “Y” solo ad seller and in exchange, the latter recommends the first one. That’s like “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

This sort of testimonials exchange is very spread out there, but you’ll never know whether these testimonials are real or not.

I can’t accuse anyone of anything without having strong evidence. However, when I see such an exchange, I can’t stop murmuring, “Hmm… Is that for real?”. Anyway, this opinion isn’t very important for your assessment. Keep reading and you’ll see why is that…

Every Vendor Claims They Have the Highest Quality List

That’s what Mr. Kailo says in his forum post captured in the image above. Have you noticed the same claims? I did. Almost every solo ads seller claims it, and they back up such claim by posting nice testimonials on their site.

Bill Cosby quote on success The truth is that every seller also gets negative testimonials. As Bill Cosby said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

But no seller will post negative feedback on their salesletter. Would you do it? I wouldn’t. So we can’t blame the others, can we?

What can you do? You can search on the Internet and try to find negative reviews posted on third party sites. On Facebook you can even find blacklists of solo ad sellers.

A negative review that reveals how a certain vendor never published customer’s solo ad is a big question mark, even if you don’t know for sure whether that claim is true or not. But you can find negative reviews caused by many other reasons, other than non-delivery. Honestly most of these negative reviews aren’t very relevant and are just a waste of time. One or two unhappy customers? That means nothing. Remember that no one can make everyone happy.

Still why take the risk, right? Well, since not all unhappy customers post online their reviews, if you spend some time, finally you’ll find some solo ads sellers with a spotless reputation. Only positive reviews that look real…

How Valuable Are the Real and Positive Solo Ads Testimonials?

Are you prepared for the shocking truth?

A real testimonial shows what the reality at a certain moment in time was. One month ago, one year ago, you don’t know – most of the time the testimonials aren’t dated. But even if you find out what the date of the testimonial is, there is one factor that most of the advertisers overlook…

You just can't assume that everything will always be the same, because things change, especially people. A mailing list is a “living” thing. The subscribers are alive… Here’s a simple example…

When a certain testimonial was posted, John Doe – a responsive subscriber (I hate this term) – was subscribed let’s say to 5 newsletters, including the vendor’s mailing list.

Today, after a certain number of days, the same John maybe is subscribed to 50 newsletters and he already spent a lot of money buying what the others recommended in their newsletters and solo ads.

The competition for John’s attention is tougher. Now there are 50 people emailing John, not only five. John may not be a quality subscriber anymore, he may not open each and every email like he did it before.

As for his budget, it’s not unlimited, right? He may not buy each and every crappy product like he did it before. For the moment, he’s not a quality buyer anymore either.

You see? Apparently nothing has changed as concerns the vendor’s list. Apparently, it’s the same John. In fact the change is dramatic. John is different. He has less money at his disposal and he is subscribed to more lists. Even if the original list is identical, actually its value has decreased.

Now multiply that change for more subscribers… John wasn’t the only responsive subscriber, was he? See the difference? In addition, some people unsubscribed, others subscribed to that list. The new subscribers may or may not be responsive.

The truth is that the quality of a list changes frequently (ups and downs), irrespective of how good the owner of that mailing list is. A testimonial submitted today may not be valid after a few days because the list has changed.

So… the final shocking conclusion is… stop reading solo ads testimonials. Almost any review or testimonial you read is not about the actual list.

To your solo ads success!
Adrian Jock

Disclaimer – If solo ad testimonials are quite worthless for a buyer, are the sellers cheating on us? Nope. Most of the solo ad buyers are looking for testimonials. If they don’t find them, they’ll conclude that the seller is a newbie or that it’s something fishy there and will run away without placing any order. That’s why I post such testimonials on my solo ads salesletters. However, at the same time, I try to educate the solo ad buyers. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. No one can educate another person unless the latter agrees.

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6 thoughts on “The Truth About Solo Ads Testimonials

  1. Interesting read Adrian! It has been a while since I ran a solo ad, I did notice your post on LinkedIn and thought I’d check t out, Thanks for sharing Chery :))

  2. Hi Chery,

    Thanks for stopping by. LinkedIn? I didn’t share yet this new article on LinkedIn. I checked where you we’re coming from and it was Google+. Thank you anyway :-)

  3. Very good and revealing piece by Adrian. I only hope many who are throwing money away on scammer solo ads will read this.

    With the huge amounts of money that people are paying for solo ads daily, it’s very important to know how to spot fakes/scammers and protect your money. Thankfully this piece absolutely covers some of the ways to spot such scammers and keep one safe.

    I particularly like the tip of looking out for any that doesn’t have a single negative review. That’s a dead giveaway that it might be scam or fake, if every single review is positive. No one can please everyone, so why would we expect the same of solo advertisers?!

    Thanks to Piyush, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking website, I found it there and I “kingged” it and left similar comment.

  4. Hey Adrian: Very interesting this solo add stuff. From my perspective as a lawyer, I have testimonials at my website and they are from my actual clients. If I used phony testimonials, I would have big problems with my state bar that regulates attorney advertising. This is a very slippery slope for attorneys, so I found your comments interesting as they relate to how I need to keep myself clean in this area.

  5. Hi Steven,

    I know almost nothing about your type of business. However, I can figure out that using phony testimonials is way much dangerous. That’s good both for customers and honest lawyers :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Merry Christmas!

  6. Adrian, yes this is good for all concerned. Many would be surprised as to how much lawyers activities are monitored and regulated, even in the advertising area. Anyway, your have a great blog and I enjoyed stopping by and getting your perspective. Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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