Best Day to Have Solo Ads Published

Best Day of the Week to Have Your Solo Ad Published

Best Day for Publishing a Solo Ad

The first thing you have to know is that most of the solo ad sellers won’t let you choose the date when your solo ad is published.

The main reason is that they have a schedule and cannot modify it each time when an advertiser wants it.

For example, you may want your solo ad to be published next Monday, but the publisher may not agree because of the simple reason that he publishes his own newsletter on that day and doesn’t send more than one mailing per day.

Another reason may be that the day of Monday you’re talking about is already booked by another advertiser.

However, if you are able to choose the day, which day to choose?

Well, I checked for you the results of two reports issued by two companies specialized in email marketing. Both reports are based on the analysis of millions of email messages sent via companies’ servers.

  1. The report issued by AWeber Communications shows this result: the best day was Thursday and the second best Wednesday.

  2. The report issued by Mailer Mailer in June 2016 shows a different result: “The highest average open rate occurred on Tuesday during H1 of 2015 (14.4%) and Monday during H2 of 2015 (14.2%). Monday took second place in H1, with an average open rate of 14.2%, while Wednesday ranked second for H2, with an average of 13.3%.”

As you can see, the reports issued by the big boys of email marketing industry don’t match one another.

Conclusion … It seems that there is only one conclusion: there is no “best day” to send an email.

As a matter of fact, in the first mentioned report Justin Premick, Education Marketing Manager of AWeber, said that “our assumptions about what works are often quite wrong” and “you ultimately have to test for yourself to see what best suits your audience”. Again the magic wording “test for yourself“. You and I are different. So are the newsletters and their readers.

So… forget about myths… It doesn’t exist the best day to have your solo ad published. The same like it doesn’t exist “the best newsletter to advertise in” irrespective of what product/service you promote, the same like it doesn’t exist the best solo ads vendor.

To Your Success,
Adrian Jock

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