Solo Ads Advertising: How to Choose the Best Newsletter
Discover How to Choose the Best Newsletter for Your Solo Ads Campaigns
Many ezine publishers as well as many advertisers think that a great newsletter includes only the publishing of great content and that's all. That's very wrong!

Ezine publishing includes also many technical stuff that many publishers don't care about or aren't aware of.

Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter As an advertiser, you need to know that some technical stuff that is overlooked by some of the publishers might alter very much the result of your solo ads advertising campaign irrespective of how wonderful a newsletter is.

The special report "Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter" includes the step-by-step process of assessing the newsletters taking into consideration both the quality of the content and the technical stuff.

Scared of the term "technical stuff"? Don't worry!

The report shows you what to look for and what simple tests to do. There is no need for you to learn any complicated rocket science techniques.

How many times didn't you ask yourself, "Where should I buy my solo ad from? From this ezine? From that newsletter?" Your worries are over! I will let you know what and how to do it!

Take a look at what you'll find inside this unique report:

Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter

Table of Contents

Checkmark Instead of Introduction: Don't Make this Mistake!

Checkmark Targeted vs. Untargeted Advertising

Checkmark The Master List of Ezines

Checkmark Refining the Master List of Ezines

Checkmark Ezines Checking Map

Checkmark Conclusions: Choosing the Best Newsletter

Warning: The report does NOT contain lists of specific ezines considered as being "the best" by their publishers or by various more or less skilled advertisers. Nope. This is a "how-to" report, not a "this newsletter is the best because I say so" report.


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Adrian Jock,
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Neil Ashworth Just a quick message - I bought both your guides today [Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter & Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads] - read them front to back twice this evening and now looking through the headline swipe - excellent resources, all three!
Much appreciation to you!
Neil Ashworth


How to Choose the Best Newsletter

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SOLO ADS ADVERTISING: How to Choose the Best Newsletter

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