More Solo Ads Writing Tips

10 Even More Secrets and Tips for Writing Better Solo Ads

More Solo Ads Writing Tips

Here are 10 even more secrets and tips for writing a better solo advertisement.

This is part 3 of 3 articles that should be very helpful with improving all your advertising. This article will get into more advanced secrets and tips.

But to write great ads all of these tips need to be a part of your ad writing process.

1. Use a testimonial

Testimonials work great on websites so why not use one in your solo ad? You can even use a short one as your subject line.

With all the junk mail out there it’s getting harder and harder for people to believe your advertisements.

By using a testimonial or two you just may make your ad a little more believable. Try using one in your ad and see if you get more visitors to your website.

2. Add an extra bonus

You can also add an extra bonus offer in your ad. Then everyone who visits your website and buys your product or service would receive an additional bonus from you. Everybody likes bonuses, so this should help to get extra visitors to your website.

Remember to only offer good bonuses – not something that’s been around for a long time. Create a special report that’s related to your product and now you have an exclusive bonus that no one else is offering.

3. Reduced price offer

Try offering a special discount only available from your advertisement. Have a separate website just for this ad that has the discounted price. Remember it doesn’t have to be a big discount – 10 or 15% off would be a good incentive. Also make sure you write something like this in your ad: “for ABC Ezine subscribers only”

4. Use a limited time offer

Here is another good one. Have a limited time offer. Someone may read your ad and really like your product and say to themselves “I’ll come back here later and buy this” – but that rarely happens. If you have a limited time offer then this may get them to your website right now instead of never. And to get even more visitors try using a limited time offer with the reduced price offer.

5. Add excitement

You have to add excitement to your advertisements. This is one reason why you should buy an affiliate product before you promote it. It’s hard to write an ad for a product you’ve never seen or used. But if you buy the product and are excited about it then it’ll be a lot easier to write a great ad.

6. Use bullets

Again because bullets work well on websites so you should try using them in your ads. A lot of people may just skim through your ads – so grab their attention with a list of benefits your product offers.

7. Use ‘firstname’

Whenever you can ask the owner of the ezine to add the subscriber’s first name to your subject line and in your solo ad. Tests have proved this increases response rates tremendously.

8. Write like you talk

Write your solo ad just like you are talking to one of your friends. Don’t use big words – use words a 6th grader will understand. Just be yourself.

Another tip is to keep your sentences and paragraphs short so it will be easier to read. Plus be sure to use the word ‘you’ often through out your ad.

9. Look like an article

If you can, try writing your advertisement to look like an article. Give away a lot of good information in your ad and then towards the end ask them to visit your website to learn even more. Some people have had great success with this type of solo ad.

10. Pay someone to write

Remember you can always pay someone to write your ads for you. And you may find someone to write an ad that pulls 10 times more sales than the one you wrote. This would be absolutely priceless! But there’s a wonderful feeling you get when you finally create a winning advertisement all by yourself.

Practice writing ads using this advice and you’ll be writing better solo advertisements in no time at all. And when you finally write a great solo ad and send it to a proven related ezine it can make you money over and over again.

Always remember these 3 things:

  1. Have a great subject line.
  2. Create a winning ad.
  3. And make sure you have a proven website.

To Your Success!
Duane Marx

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