More Secret Solo Ads Tips

10 More Secrets & Tips for Writing Better Solo Ads

More Secret Tips

Here are 10 more secrets and tips for writing a better solo advertisement. This is part 2 of three articles that should be very helpful with improving all your advertising. This article will get into more advanced secrets and tips.

1. Don’t use a pre-written ad

Write your own advertisement, don’t use the one’s in your affiliate programs, everyone has seen these a hundred times. And they don’t work very well anymore. Also make sure you don’t use the affiliate’s subject line, because it will get deleted by just about everyone who looks at it.

2. Is it expensive?

If it’s expensive this may be good sign. But not always you have to be careful with this one. If #3 is also true then you may have found a winner. Don’t be afraid to buy expensive ads. You may find an excellent ezine that really expands your business.

3. Do you have to wait?

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Another good sign is if you have to wait 3 or more weeks for your ad to be submitted.

Maybe it’s because everyone else is placing productive ads there. But you won’t know for sure unless you try them yourself.

And don’t forget to test and track your ad.

4. Use smaller ezines

Test your new ads in smaller, less expensive ezines to save money. Then when your ad is successful you can try larger, more expensive ezines.

5. Look for sales

Look for ezines that are having sales. (2 for 1) (3 for 1) Especially ezines that have performed good for you in the past. The more times your ad is shown the more sales you should make.

6. Run your ad again

Place your successful ad in the same ezine as soon as possible. You should keep running your ad as long as it’s making a profit.

7. Use a call to action

Include a call to action. After you’ve caught readers’ interest and clearly presented the benefit you’re offering, tell them how they can act to receive that benefit immediately.

8. Have more links

Have more than one link to your website. By having more links your prospects will be able to go to your website whenever they are ready to buy. What if they read your first 2 paragraphs and they’re sold on your product but there isn’t a link to your site? So they keep reading your ad and maybe they change their mind and decide not to buy your product right now. You just lost a sale. Make sure you have enough links to your site.

9. Take a break

After you have your advertisement written and it looks pretty good, put it away. Then after a day or two read it again and make any small changes it may need. And you can always tweak your ad whenever you like.

10. Sell other products

When you find an ezine that is profitable, you’ll want to keep on promoting additional products. Why stop if you have a good thing going. Write another similar ad for an affiliate product or resale rights product. This second or third product just may do better than the first one.

You should almost be ready to start writing your own advertisements. But before you do make sure you read the last article in this series because it has even more advanced secrets and tips. It’ll also give you a better understanding of how to create great advertisements.

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