Ogilvy: 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy

Solo Ads: 7 Tips for Writing Better Subject Lines

The most important part of a solo ad is the subject line. That piece of text is decisive. If all the headline says is something like “Delete this junk!”, then the rest is in vain. Your work and your money are wasted.

David Ogilvy: 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. Unfortunately so many advertisers think that buying a solo ad slot in an ezine guarantees some kind of readership for their advertisement or otherwise it means that the publisher is some sort of scammer. That’s completely wrong.

In order to get a good result, the first thing your ad needs (out of many others) is a good subject line.

Today’s article includes seven tips that will help you write better subject lines for your solo ads.

1. Write an attention grabbing subject line

Common pieces of text like “It’s Ken here” (as if the reader knows who Ken is – she/he doesn’t!) don’t work. People don’t read all the emails they receive, but only the emails they have some of sort of interest in or the emails that arouse their curiosity.

Warning: Don’t grab the reader’s attention in a wrong way.

Swearing, for example, for sure grabs the reader’s attention, but it makes her or him delete your ad instead of reading it.

“What kind of tip is this? No one will swear anyway.”

Well, claiming something even the advertiser doesn’t believe is common and is actually like swearing. Insulting reader’s intelligence is the no-no method I’m actually advising you to avoid.

2. Keep the subject line short

In some email clients, long subject lines are not readable without opening the email. Since many emails are opened only if the subject line is interesting, in case the subject line is not fully readable, you know what happens, right?

How short should an effective headline be?

If you make it very short (30-35 characters) it will be good for almost all email clients, but you may not be able to write an interesting subject line using so few characters. My recommendation is maximum 60 characters.

3. Place your keywords very close to the beginning of the solo ad

If the subject line is not fully readable without opening the email and the keyword is at the end of the line … you know the outcome.

4. Ask the publisher not to personalize the subject line

Reader’s first name placed at the very beginning of the headline will “eat” characters from the visible part of the subject line. The longer the first name, the shorter the visible subject line.

On the other hand, spammers already use first names too, and as a consequence more and more people are no longer naive. Their first name in the subject line doesn’t make them automatically open the email anymore.

5. Refrain from claiming big earnings

Always remember this simple fact: within seconds the reader may say … “You’re lying, I don’t believe you!”. Even if the reader is wrong, that really doesn’t matter. You’re not there to defend yourself and prove that she or he is wrong. The result is that your ad is deleted.

6. Test more subject lines to see which one works better

It’s hard to write the best headline from the very beginning. Write more subject lines.

Be your first critic and then ask your friends what subject line they like. Keep the headlines that receive the most votes and buy a few cheap solo ads in the same ezine. For each ad use a different subject line. Then check the results and find out the winning headline.

7. Remove the spam filter triggers

If the spam filters block your ad or send it to readers’ spam folders, all your work is ruined. Don’t let this work on publisher’s shoulders. Most of them don’t have a clue on how to deal with spam filters even if some of them are very good publishers. Don’t take this risk, learn how to avoid the spam filters.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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Testimonial - Mary Jo McNamara Thank you, Adrian. The readers are sick of the usual hype “I’m creating 50 new millionaires. Spots going fast!”, “This brought in $700,000 in 28 Days!” or “You can retire in 30 days!”. You’ve understood exactly what biz opp seekers are looking for. Your headlines are very much different :)

Mary Jo McNamara, Internet Marketer