Dare to be Different

3 Writing Tactics to Improve Your Solo Ad Response Rate

Dare to be Different

Is your solo ad campaign faltering? Would you like to see new life breathed into your ads again? Here are three writing tips to help improve your solo ad response rate.

Cut out the fluff

People are pressed for time. They don’t want to read a long email. In solo ads, people tend to go on and on and on. Making it incredibly difficult to the reader to stay focused on it because they have other things on their mind.

A lot of the ads floating around these days are full of what I call fluff. Non-essential information that doesn’t need to be there. You have to think first what an ad is supposed to do.

Deliver traffic with a desire to know more.

The reader doesn’t have to know everything from your ad. Leave a little bit for them to discover on their own. Get to the point of your and and let the sales copy or landing page copy do the rest.

In some recent experiments with some willing clients, I have been testing out long vs. short ads. The shorter ads are receiving much more response than the long ads. Simply for the fact that they deliver a lot of emotion very quickly.

Write like you mean it

Some solo ads just make me sad.

I can tell that the person on the other side of the email could care less about anything else but to get me to buy something so they make money. Sure, that’s the ultimate goal but don’t be so blatant about it.

When writing a solo ad your very heart must be in it. You must be thinking about one person at a time. Not the thousands you want to reach. Create your ad so that when people read it they know that you are very involved with the product, opportunity, ebook, or whatever.

In an ad that was for a very saturated opportunity I tried this technique out. I wrote it in a voice that could be interpreted no other way but heartfelt. I wanted to get into the heart of the person reading it. I didn’t want their mind, I was after their heart.

People have been buried under so many ads that they are immune to the ones that are lifeless. These ads don’t even get a cursory look over. Delete.

What they are looking for, searching for, is someone to bring them something that is full of life, and excitement. Write your ad with that in it. Mean what you write and write what you mean.

Be link happy

If there is one place that you don’t want to be too conservative with your links it’s in a solo ad. Put them in every three to four lines. Just make sure they apply to what’s above them.

Don’t just stick them in there for the sake of it. Lead the reader into wanting to click on the link.

Remember what the sole purpose of a solo ad is. It’s not to sell anything. But, to prime the reader into wanting more information. Trying to sell them in the ad takes too much time, too much fluff and too much hype.

By putting in your links every three to four lines you’re building up the anticipation of the reader. Each time you build into the link they are more apt to click on it.

Put a little more life into your ads with these three writing techniques and watch your response rates climb.

About the Author: Tim Bossie is the creative monster behind Guaranteed-ads.com and has written thousands of ads for every conceivable product or business opportunity.

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